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  Price Programs - Pros & Cons

Guaranteed Price Program (Prebuy)
1. Protects you from rising fuel prices.
2. Lowest fixed price offered.
3. No price protection fee.
4. Includes convenience of automatic deliveries.

1. Upfront payment for all fuel purchased is required.
2. Fixed price cannot fall if market prices drop.

Daily Cap Program
1. Limits how high prices can rise; but not how low they can fall.
2. Includes convenience of automatic deliveries.

Cap fee must be paid upfront to cover downside protection insurance.

Cash Discount / Market Price

Allows you to take advantage of falling prices without paying anything upfront or any fees.

1. Your price is not protected from rising fuel prices.
2. Because you must pay for your entire delivery at once, payments can be large and arrive at unexpected times.
3. Unless you request automatic delivery, your chances of running out of fuel are higher.

Secure Pay Plus

1. Lower, even monthly payments and no large, unexpected bills.
2. Annual cap fee is spread into monthly payments; no upfront payment required
3. Cash discount savings when payments are made automatically or within the grace period.
4. Includes convenience of automatic deliveries

Cons - None

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